A one-day event to cultivate healing and growth



Inside Out Seminar

in Rosendale, NY
Saturday, January 17, 2015

Noon - 7 pm

Location: Private Residence 

The Seminar will take place in The Private & Comfortable Home Of Adoptee, Astrologer & Author - 
Alison Beth Levy, and, Her Partner, Healthy Chef and Nutrition Advisor - Dagen Julty.
51 Old County Road 1
Rosendale, NY 12472
REGISTRATION FEE: $150 CASH (Preferred) or CHECK Paid In-Person At The Seminar  

Included are all materials needed for the Seminar. Additionally included in the registration fee as a special treat, is a complete, healthy vegetarian popular lunch which will be prepared by Dagen Julty, Healthy Chef and Nutrition Adviser, who will also speak briefly on the benefits of good nutrition & diet during our lunch break.
To register, please email Craig S. Hyman or call 917-854-6315.
For more information, please visit our Facebook Event Page.

What to bring to the workshop: For some of the activities, floor seating is optional, so if you like, bring a pillow, a yoga mat and/or blanket, or a yoga cushion for your comfort. Chairs will always be available.

Also, we are going to be creating together a puja table as a ritual at the beginning of the day, and adding things to it throughout the day. So for this, it's suggested (but it's not required) that you bring an item(s) related to your adoption or personal life experiences that are dear or important to you that you can place on this table to honor, be reminded of, and have with you in spirit throughout the day; or bring something that is simply special to your person or that makes you feel happy, safe, or close to home, so to speak. Examples of these items a.k.a. talismans, if you will, are photographs of family members, a deceased loved one or pet, an artifact, a lucky charm, a flower in a vase, a birth certificate, a childhood toy, a musical instrument, a Tchotchke also known as a nik-nak; essentially anything that is silent but carries emotional, spiritual or adoption weight and worth for you that you would like present in the room during the workshop.


"Inside Out was an experience I will never forget! The experiential interventions helped me explore my inner self like I had never done before. I highly recommend this workshop for any member of the adoption community as well as any professional."
     --- Jeanette Yoffe, M.A., M.F.T. - Child & Family Psychotherapist, Co-organizer of Adopt Salon Conference
“I had no idea what to expect, and what I experienced was something quite brilliant in its simplicity, its depth, its fun and its sneak-up-on-you power to do exactly what it says: bring some inside stuff out. Not only is it non-threatening, it is inviting! I highly recommend it!"
     --- Marcy Axness, PhD, Author of Parenting For Peace




For further information please e-mail: craigshyman@gmail.com

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